Helping creators establish
meaningful brands

Helping creators establish
meaningful brands

Home Of The Finest Is THE Creator Focused Full-Suite Agency

By Creators, For Creators

We are facilitating the transition from a “youtuber with a merch store” to a “content creator with a genuine brand“, using industry leading tools, technology and strategies. The biggest creators are establishing meaningful brands, why aren’t you?

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Our Mission

We believe that YouTubers have the power to create more than just viral videos – they can create real brands that connect with their audience and generate serious revenue.

Gone are the days of effortless “youtuber merch”, your fans deserve better. We help creators around the world establish meaningful brands that align with their goals and values. Creators promote brands every day, our mission is to help creators launch their own brands.

What Do We Best

We help creators establish BRANDS bigger than themselves by integrating industry leading ecommerce practices and creative marketing to make your “merch” your business.

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See our work in action! Discovery brands we’ve established, and business we’ve helped scale.

The Premier Creator Focused Full Suite Branding Agency

Based in Ontario, Canada, Home Of The Finest started from humble beginnings out of necessity. Originally focused solely on digital marketing, Jeremy, our founder, soon noticed a huge missed opportunity in the creator ecosystem. Ever since that realization, it’s been our mission to serve creators and fans better.

Jeremy Maczkowski

  • 7+ Years In Ecommerce
  • 7+ Years In Digital Marketing
  • Meta Certified “Creative Strategy Professional”
  • Consulted 25+ Business On Branding & Strategy

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“Now I have a brand for myself, and not only is it a revenue stream, but it’s my passion. He’s so easy to work with, he gets it and he’s only a call on discord away.”
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Tiny Tapes

“Honestly Has Taken My Brand To The Next Level, He’s Easy To Talk With And Gives The Best Input.”

Frequently asked questions

For creators with no brand, we discuss their wants and ideas, help them solidify what their brand will be, and then build it fro them from scratch. Our team allows creators to have a business that they 100% own and control, but with no extra work because we handle everything.

For creators with a brand or business, we either provide a direct sales digital market to help them scale, and/or consulting to help them optimize their business.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to selling a product. Without seeing your specific previous attempts, we cant identity the pitfalls. However, our methods have allowed our clients to go from $150 a month in “merch sales” on generic websites, to 5 figures a month on their own site in under 60 days consistently.

Not at all. Our clients own and control 100% of the brand and all of the IP we provide them during our time working together.
From our first meeting, to launch, it typically takes about 30 days. In that time we build out the website, first collection, and social content for the brand.
We offer two different methods of fulfillment: in house and POD (print on demand). If upfront costs are a concern we can launch using only POD to begin and gauge if and when it makes sense to move in house. Our POD methods differ from generic websites because we allow more customizability and better overall quality.
We offer free consultations to help educate creators of any size become more business savvy. Although, we recommend creators have at least 500k subscribers or are already selling products consistently before becoming a client with us to ensure ability to sell profitably.

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